Survey Design and Implementation

IDS has unique expertise and experience in setting up, implementation and analyses of large and small scale household, enterprise and market surveys as well as rapid assessments and appraisals.

IDS has completed several major national level surveys for Pakistani and international clients. In the process of conducting and managing these surveys, IDS has learned from its experiences and refined its in-house capability to provide the best quality of service at the lowest cost possible.

The IDS team is trained to design surveys to meet the client's objectives, prepare questionnaires and checklists, construct representative samples, utilize in-house supervisory capacity to ensure accuracy and consistency of data collection and efficient and cost-effective operations. We retain standby trained enumeration teams at the district level in all the four provinces and areas of Pakistan for this purpose; mobilize transport and logistics with our established contractors, engage trained in-house data entry, data cleaning and programming teams, and undertake high quality tabulation, graphics and report writing for our clients. IDS has a team of programmers and analysts who can develop state-of-the-art databases; and, use spreadsheet and more sophisticated statistical software to ensure high quality of data and robust and useful analytical results.