PSSP's Third Annual Conference, "Agricultural and Natural Resource Issues and Policy Reform" that was held in Islamabad on April 14 - 15, 2015.

 Presentation Title Presented by Details
 Role of Agriculture and Development in Rural Pakistan Dr. Hafiz Pasha view pdf
 Role of Agriculture and Government in Rural Development Prof. John Mellor view pdf
 Agriculture Productivity Growth and Rural Welfare:
  Insights from Economy-wide Analysis
Dr. Paul Dorosh view pdf
 Putting the Constraints to Agriculture Growth within the
 Poverty Reduction Agenda for Pakistan
Dr. Sohail Jehangir Malik view pdf
 The Role of the Small Commercial Farmer in Growth and
Prof. John Mellor view pdf
 Resilience for food security and nutrition:
 Lessons Learned from IFPRI's experience
Dr. Shenggen Fan view pdf
 Macroeconomic Resilience:
 Building Capacity for a "New Normal"
Mr. Sakib Sherani view pdf
 Civil Society: Putting the Community in the Centre
 South Asia Experience
Mr. Shoaib Sultan view pdf
 18TH Constitutional Amendment and
 Devolution of Agriculture
Dr. Aamer Irsshad view pdf
 Implications of Devolution for the Agriculture Sector Dr. Nuzhat Ahmad view pdf
 Access to Public Services Dr. Madiha Afzal  view pdf
 Women's Disempowerment and Parity in rural Pakistan Dr. Nuzhat Ahmad view pdf
 Food Consumption Patterns and Nutrition Dr. Sohail Jehangir Malik view pdf
 Policy Reforms in Fertilizer Industry Dr. Mubarik Ali view pdf
 Wheat Prices, Procurement and Stocks:
 Options for Reducing the Cost of Price Stabilization
Dr. Paul Dorosh view pdf
 Taxation in Pakistan's Agriculture Dr. Steve Davies view pdf
 Insights into Agriculture Innovation:
 Global Evidence and Lessons for Pakistan
Dr. David Spielman view pdf
 Agriculture Innovation Program(AIP) for Pakistan Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz view pdf
 Some Examples from Pakistani Agriculture Dr. Shaukat Hameed Khan view pdf
 Role of Private Sector in Promoting Agricultural Innovation in
Mr. Jawed Qureshi view pdf