AAIC Services

Developing Information Systems

Agricultural Assessments International Corporation designs and implements information systems to support effective agricultural and environmental decision making and planning. The type of data needed for the decision making process varies according to the requirements of each project and forms a basic set of objectives for information system development.

Satellite data image processing and geographic information systems (GIS)

AAIC provides full range of satellite and video image processing. AAIC's staff have been involved in the design and operation of image processing facilities and technology transfer for image processing and GIS since 1984. AAIC focuses in low cost solutions with off the shelf components to build reliable solutions with minimum cost for purchasing and maintenance.
AAIC offers advanced training seminars for image processing and GIS. This training is considered part of the technology transfer during the development of area frame with digital technology.

Digital database construction

AAIC develops cartographic digital databases in a variety of vector and raster formats, including PCI, GeoTIFF, ArcINFO, MapInfo, IDRISI, Atlas GIS. Products are delivered in CD's