AAIC Services

Conducting Agricultural and Environmental Surveys

  • Conducting data user requirement studies generally involving: Ministries of Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources, Commerce, Economics and Planning, the Central Bank, commodity traders, farmer's associations, farm suppliers, and other users. This activity is essential for proper survey design.

  • Designing questionnaires tailored to particular conditions and timing of the survey, type of sampling segment, and variables to be researched. Questionnaires are written in the local language and allow for easy computer data entry.

  • Conducting surveys in cooperation with client governments. Surveys are conducted for planting and harvesting times. AAIC also manages other specialized surveys such as crop yield and economic surveys.

  • Analyzing data and integrating survey results into a usable form as requested in the data user requirement study. This activity includes such items as definition of content and timing of basic agricultural production, specialized information, statistics, farmer's bulletin, etc. The qualitative aspects of the data collected, summarized, stored, and analyzed are primary project objectives. Typically, an efficient data collection system evolves after several interactions of survey operations. Survey operations are fine-tuned using estimators and variances. Improved methods include data collection, summarization, and storage.