About (AAIC)

The Agricultural Assessment International Corporation designs cutting edge statistical systems for different stakeholders in the agricultural sector. AAIC, a USA based company, has been in operation since 1983. AAIC uses a proven technology to estimate agricultural production and environmental parameters that is established both in developed and developing countries. The US government's crop and livestock statistics, which are the best in the world, are based on technology used by AAIC. AAIC staff have worked in over 50 countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Africa, Central, South, and North America.

The main area of AAIC's expertise is the construction of national and project level area frames (AF) and the operation of agricultural and environmental surveys. These activities are carried out with the full participation of foreign governments and by design involve a considerable component of technology transfer. Established AAIC systems generate agricultural production statistics in operational settings with less than 5% error.

AAIC works with Climate Assessment Technology (www.ClimateAT.com) for the best agro-meteorologist in America and with Innovative Development Strategies (see Page) for the best agricultural economists in the World.