Innovative Development Strategies (Pvt.) Ltd. is a leading economic development and policy support consulting firm in Pakistan. The company has been in the business of providing socio-economic policy advice and assessments for the past 11 years; with experience in Pakistan and other countries of Asia. The services provided by IDS cover a wide spectrum of support in all areas of economic development and poverty reduction. IDS offers support in conducting research, sector capacity building and development of Monitoring and Evaluation capability at all levels.

IDS has the finest team of highly qualified consultants and research associates with decades of international experience at the senior most policy levels on a broad range of issues. Our competitive edge lies in our in-house research expertise and our extensive international and national experience with surveys, analyses and studies of varying natures and the formulation of poverty alleviation and development strategies.

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Research and Analysis

IDS Research and Analysis services are devoted to the identification and analysis of economic, social and political issues pertaining to the development sector with special emphasis on economic policy, growth, rural development and poverty alleviation.

Survey Design and Implementation

IDS has special expertise in setting up, implementation and analysis of household and market surveys, administering rapid assessments especially in rural areas and carrying out Spot Checks of survey works conducted by other organizations.

Monitoring and Evaluation

IDS designs and implements results based monitoring and evaluation systems for large scale grassroot projects and programs including rural infrastructure, microcredit and capacity building.

Advanced Data Processing

IDS provides cutting edge computer based solutions to handle the most complex research data with greater degree of accuracy, security and speed.

Outreach and Capacity Building

IDS believes that generation, sharing and dissemination of research based knowledge is vital for economics growth and development. IDS disseminates its research results through conferences and publications.

Rural Survey by IDS Team

Strategy Support Program

"A Program for Analytic Policy Support,
Capacity Strengthening and Outreach to Promote Agricultural Growth and Food Security"

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington DC, in conjunction with Innovative Development Strategies, and other partners, the USAID and the Government of Pakistan have launched a new Pakistan Strategy Support Program (PSSP). The purpose of this program is to contribute to pro-poor economic growth and enhanced food security in Pakistan through strengthened national capacity for designing and implementing evidence based policies. The PSSP is guided by a National Advisory Committee chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Government of Pakistan, and funded by USAID. The PSSP supports the new Framework for Economic Growth approved by the National Economic Council in May 2011

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News and Events

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The keynote address by Dr. Sohail J. Malik at Pakistan Resilience Conference
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• IDS is conducting a Labour Skill Measurement Survey in collaboration with World Bank Pakistan, which is representative of the working-age population in Pakistan

• Ascertaining the Viability of Introducing Zinc Fortified Wheat Varieties in Pakistan: A Base-Line Survey on "Farmer's Choice of Wheat Varieties in Punjab, Pakistan". Report presents Insightful Results